We are upfront about our payroll processing costs – No hidden costs!


If you process your payroll with EasyPAYE you will benefit from costs as little as £14.95 per month (or £11.25 per week for weekly payroll processing).

This includes processing the payroll of up to 5 employees per payroll run – not per employee.

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The following table gives you an example of the cost of operating a payroll with EasyPAYE Payroll Services.

Please contact us for a tailored quotation.

The charges shown above do not include the set up fee of £45.00. 

We will be happy to provide you with a quote for the following optional extras that you may require:

  • Security payslips (individually sealed to protect confidentiality)

  • Sending payslips, P45’s and/or P60’s directly to your employees

  • Setting up your Workplace Pension process

Everything else is included in your monthly payment.



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We are upfront about our workplace pension processing costs – No hidden costs!

Set up fee (one-off payment)

Set up fee includes:

  • Registering Employer with Regulator

  • Registering employees with Pension Provider

  • All communication material

  • All letters to employees

  • No additional charge for new employees

  • Dealing with opt-ins and opt-outs

  • Maintain records and auto enrolment reports


*Subject to additional costs issued by pension provider



Per employee per payment run




















Please contact us for a tailored quotation.

The charges shown above are for a complete workplace pension processing service.

*minimum charges apply


Preparation on Monthly CIS Returns (1 - 10 people)                           £25.00 per month 

Verification of Sub-Contractor                                                                   £5.00 per person 

Sub-Contractor Payment Certificate                                                        £2.50 per person 

If you are not currently registered as a contractor, or do not already have a PAYE/CIS scheme, there is a set up charge of £75.00

Fees are dependent on the number of sub-contractors and tailored to your individual circumstances. Please call us for a free quotation on 01773 813562

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