AE Manage Package

Are you looking to completely remove your Auto Enrolment headache? Great!


With the AE Manage package, we manage the whole process for you! So you can sit back and relax...


Auto Enrolment can be a minefield, but don't worry! With our AE Manage solution, you don't need to completely understand the complexities - we do everything for you!


Simply choose a pension provider, send us your employee data and register with the Pensions Regulator and we'll do the rest!  


We'll set your pensions scheme up, assess and enrol your employees into your pensions scheme and provide a pension file for you to send to the Pensions Regulator every month. It's as simple as that.


Your employees will have online access to pensions statements, contributions and documentation via self-service. Plus, we will send out all relevant communication documents to your employees either electronically or by post.


If you are not currently an EasyPAYE Payroll customer and would like to make Auto Enrolment easier, or if you would like us to remove the entire burden, contact us about AE Manage, our fully managed solution.


We will assist in…

  • Set up your pension scheme and apply postponement periods, if required

  • Enrol eligible employees into your chosen pension scheme

  • Provide default contributions

  • Calculate your employer and employee pension contributions

  • Process opt-outs and monitor for re-enrolment duties

  • Advise you of your responsibilities and provide letter templates

  • Report on your enrolled and eligible employees

  • Provide a generic interface file containing data you need to make a submission










First steps for you to take...

  • Choose a pension provider

  • Register with the Pension Regulator

  • Send your employee data to us

  • Send your payroll data to us every month (If we manage your payroll for you, it's business as usual - nothing changes)

  • Send pension file to your Pension Provider

  • Sit back and relax


We will take over from there and...

  • Set up your pension scheme and apply postponement periods, if required

  • Assess your employees for eligibility 

  • Enrol eligible employees into your pension scheme

  • Calculate your employer and employee pension contributions (if you're not a client, simply send us your payroll data every month)

  • Manage opt-ins / opt-outs

  • Provide detailed reporting - employee and employer contributions, opt-ins and opt-outs, new starters and leavers etc. 

  • Give your employees access to their own self-service facility - opt-in / opt-out, pensions contributions, documentation and statements

  • Send all relevant communication to your employees via self-service or by post (latter is an additional cost)

  • Provide pension file ready for submission 

  • Re-enrol any opted-out employees every three years

  • Ongoing advice from a team of Auto Enrolment specialists










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